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Hello Paul Wager, thank you to accept my interview, you are a photographer and you are very interested in Asia. Your photography shows us the beauty of people, of the landscapes in this part of world but also the hard daily life for some people. 

– Can you tell us briefly the begining of your photographic adventure and your loving encounter with Asia? 

I had travelled to several Asian countries over the years and was always attracted to the multitude of cultures and landscapes but when I found myself in Laos I fell head over heals in love with the country and it’s people, around every corner was another photographic moment.   


  – Who are your customers in your photojournalist work? 

I have reduced the amount of editorial work but still enjoy assignments for magazines such as ‘British Georgraphical’ and News ltd Australia. I also look at projects to help developement agencies and NGO’s.

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– You have worked on a specific subject: The damage of the ‘Secret war’ bombs in Laos, you show the dramatic consequences in the country. What is the reason to choose this subject?

  I was working for ‘Education Consortium’ on the treatment for the victims of UXO in Laos and was shocked at the number and ages maimed and killed by bombs dropped 45 years ago but still inflicting all that death and pain today.   


– What would be your advices for somebody who wants to do a photo report or artistic photo trip in Asia? 

You must research your subject thoroughly and when on location try to fully understand the situation or location, if it is people then try to make a connection with them.   

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You organize and propose for people who want to discover or to learn the travel photography some services. For example, a photographic tour of Myanmar to meet the monks and chase the golden light. Fishermen of Inle Lake, sunset in Mandalay, misty mornings in Bagan and chaotic markets are also part of the plan. What is the advantages of this kind of travel and where we can find your services and any information? 

Yes, on my web site :


Thank you Paul for that interview and the best for the next !   


Interview and article realized by Nicolas Bailleul

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